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Monday, January 28, 2008


X and I are taking a break so I can get my bearings and learn to not rely on him so much. This means that I'm not going to have a kitchen for a while. I'd like to stock up my fridge with as much as possible, so I'm asking for recipes.

What we have to work with:
- Steel Cut Oats
- Lentils - both red and green
- Dried Kidney Beans
- Dried Navy Beans
- Dried Garbanzo/Chickpeas
- Lots of Broth
- Pasta
- Various cans of tomatoes, soups, mixes, etc.
- Tofu/Tempeh

I'll be running to the store for some frozen fruit and veggies, but I'd love any and all recipes you can provide. While I'm vegetarian, I'm quite adept at switching out meat for tofu, beans (which I hate at this point), or tempeh. Websites are great, personal recipes are better - I haven't time to really search them out. Thanks!

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