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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Making your own stock

I have just used up the last of my canned broth and am now looking to start making my own stock. Any tips?

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Cora said...

Hey Siri,

What I do for broth is get some beef soup bones, roast them in the oven until they're done, then throw them into a BIG pot of water. Then I peel three carrots, wash three stalks of celery, put three whole cloves into an onion, and put that in. You let it simmer for a while (hours), adding more water as it cooks down. Then you put it in the fridge (we put it outside on the porch, but over where you live I could imagine negative effects. Literally)

Strain, put in containers, and freeze.

Optional: Put some oil in stock pot before you begin, then peel and cut up three more carrots and celery stalks and an onion. Put them into the pot and let them cook down on low. Eventually, they will caramelize. It's called "mirepoix," and it adds the dark coloring to the broth.

With chicken, it's the same way as the beef, except you use a whole chicken carcass or two instead of the soup bones.

That help at all?